DMZ Live have a newly-fitted digital recording vehicle. Our set up is compact, but high-spec, allowing us to access stadiums, arenas, theatres & some of the most bespoke recording locations that our clients request.

From some of the largest records, to small, intimate records, DMZ Live can deliver a high-quality service at very competitive rates. Our modular system is based around a Digital 128 Input Console with dual redundant power supplies. At the record core is a Pyramix (Double Headed Master & Safety) Digital Record System with up to 128 tracks per machine or we can offer ProTools, Reaper or Logic if a client prefers.

Where the vehicle is not suitable, we also offer a smaller de-rig / flat pack system where the record environment is more resricted, but we are still be able to use the high-quality Sony stage boxes, starting with high end mic amps and convertors.

Our teams of engineers specialise and understand all aspects of the live environment ensuring a great recording in a hassle-free fashion.

We have recorded artists doing bespoke shows in houses, offices & even a (very cold) field in Essex through to sell-out 80,000 stadium shows. Whatever your project, give us a call.